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ABOUt us

We are a group of people learning to follow Jesus together. We seek to love God and people well. 




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join us on Sunday

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10 am.

We currently have 3 different gathering structures: 

1st Sundays - Liturgy & Coffee 

       This a time of sharing a short liturgy together. All ages are together            as we sing, read, listen, pray. and hold a bit of silence together. 

5th Sundays - Spiritual Location & Potluck 

       We gather to engage a practice called the Spiritual Location Exercise.        We take this time to reflect over the last quarter of the year, have              some sharing time together, and then share a meal.

Other Sundays - Gather Around the Table

       Our most frequent gathering includes singing together, prayers for              others and ourselves, a message (often inculding time for communal  

       response), and sharing communion together.

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